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Welcome to Exotic-Leather, your guide to the world of exotic leather skin products. Exotic leather is the clear choice for those looking to find the ultimate in luxury leather products. Exotic leathers are rare and unique skins such as crocodile, ostrich, snake, eel, mantaray, and more, that are produced in smaller amounts but with very high quality. Often an exotic skin will showcase one's unique taste or flair in a way not possible with conventional cowhide or imitation leather products. Use our guide to help you locate the very best in exotic leather products.

Types of Exotic Skins

  • Exotic Ostrich Leather
  • Exotic Caiman Leather
  • Exotic Crocodile Leather
  • Exotic Eel Leather
  • Exotic Water Snake Leather
  • Exotic Snake Skin
  • Exotic Mantaray Skin
  • Exotic Stringray Skin
  • Exotic Alligator Leather
  • Exotic Shark Leather
  • Exotic Lizard Leather

Luxery Exotic Leather Products

  • Exotic Leather Boots / Botines
  • Exotic Leather Shoes
  • Exotic Leather Belts
  • Exotic Leather Hat/Sombrero Belts
  • Exotic Leather Jackets
  • Exotic Leather Vests
  • Exotic Leather Purses
  • Exotic Leather Wallets
  • Exotic Leather Briefcases / Attaches

Top Brands

  • Exotic Leather Sefeni Shoes
  • El General Exotic Leather Mexican Boots
  • Rodeo Bravo
  • Rebelde Exotic Leather Skin Boots
  • Lucchese Classics
  • Chanel
  • Darby Scott
  • Lucille
  • Bottega
  • Gucci


Exotic Leather Tip

Many different styles of exotic leather are available, and in a wide range of colors.

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Exotic Leather

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